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The Growing Bed Bug Problem

Professionals think the latest growth in bed bugs in the US might be due to more travel, inadequate awareness about preventing problems, heightened level of resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective bug control practices.

The bright side is that there are methods to deal with bed bugs. Getting great, sound info is the 1st step in both prevention and control. While there is no simple quick fix, there are excellent techniques to manage bed bugs including both non-chemical and chemical methods.

Bed Bugs Facts and Fiction

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7 Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs

1 in 5 Americans either has had bed bugs, or knows someone who has. And the problem isn’t going away. It’s actually getting a lot worse.

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These days anyone can have a bed bug problem. Don’t let it become an infestation because that’s when your real problems will begin. Get help early and give us a call today. 

Your Bed Bug Travel Questions Answered

Bed bugs are a parasitic pest present in places where there is a lot of human traffic. Since they cannot jump or fly, bed bugs rely on traveling on their hosts from location to location. Hotels, motels and similar places have high incidences of bed bug infestations since so many people from so many different areas across the country travel through them. Many travelers have similar questions and concerns about bed bugs, how to prevent bites, and how to stop them from coming home with them. Because of this we put together a list of the top 10 questions that most travelers have concerning bed bugs and traveling.

Question 1: Will spraying myself with an insect repellent before going to sleep in a hotel prevent me from getting bitten by bed bugs?

Answer: This tactic is most likely ineffective because after you get into bed most of the repellent will rub off on the sheets. Also, insect repellent is usually only effective for a few hours and bed bugs are most active between 3-5 a.m. long after the repellent was applied.

Question 2: Does purchasing a silk sleep sack really prevent bed bugs from being able to bite?

Answer: Not likely. Bed bugs will be able to crawl through the top opening of the sack and will most likely be able to crawl directly through the weave of the material.

Question 3: Will spraying my mattress and bedding with a disinfecting spray kill any bed bugs that are present?

Answer: This may work is you find live bed bugs and spray them directly, but the residual spray will not kill bed bugs that walk over it. This is not a very practical or effective method of bed bug control.

Question 4: Do bed bugs prefer to bite certain areas of the body over others?

Answer: Bed bugs will bite any area of the body where there is blood flow. But they do not enjoy hairy bodies as it is harder to access the skin for a bite.

Question 5: My husband and I were sleeping on the same mattress and I woke up covered in bites and by husband had none, why?

Answer: Bed bugs tend to clump together while they are not active; it could have been bad luck that you slept on the side that the bed bugs were on. Also, not everyone has a visible reaction to bed bug bites, he may have been bitten but his body just did not react to the bites.

Question 6: Do I have to worry about bed bugs on a cruise ship?

Answer: Absolutely. Just like hotel rooms on land, a cruise ship cabin can have bed bugs living inside.

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Question 7: How do you treat bed bug bites?

Answer: Like many insect bites, usually treating with an anti-itch cream will relieve any discomfort. It is best to try and avoid itching the skin as it can cause infection if the skin opens.

Question 8: Can bed bugs infest water beds or ones that are made of memory foam?

Answer: Bed bugs do not need to live inside of mattresses to infest them. They can live in and around a mattress, under carpets and inside the cracks of furniture. The material of a mattress will not prevent an infestation.

Question 9: Does using a mattress cover mean that a bed bug infestation will not occur in my home?

Answer: If you already have bed bugs putting a cover on your mattress will prevent them from being able to bite through, but is not an effective control measure. Having a cover on your mattress will not prevent a bed bug from entering your home and living on top of the cover, in the box spring, carpet and furniture of your home.

Question 10: How do I stop being paranoid about bed bugs, I was previously bitten and now cannot sleep because I am afraid I will be bitten again?

Answer: Hiring a pest control company to inspect your home to ensure that there are no bed bugs present can give you peace of mind that bed bugs will not be biting you as you sleep. If bed bugs are found again, professionals can provide you with quick and effective bed bug treatments like the preferred method, bed bug heat treatments.

Needing help with bed bug control in your home or apartment is a very common thing. But it is getting help from professionals that will ensure that your home is completely void of these difficult pests and that you and your family can sleep tight with no bed bugs biting. For more information on bed bugs including bed bug control services, please be sure to speak with our bed bug experts today!

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